by Krystal Cote
(frenc-ville )

It was a Monday night and my cousin was asked to babysit these to kids up at the lake she said sure, but didn't have a ride up, so she asked one of her good friends, but Rachel didn't know that Jason had been drinking it was early in the evening. As there wore heading up to the lake Jason though he would show off and hit 95MPH on a road that is only 45MPH Jason didn't know the road well and though oh there a nice hill watch he hits 108MPH miss's the turn and crashes into a tree killing MY COUSIN WHO I LOVE SO MUCH. "may i also say that Jason's car shouldn't of been on the road, he HAD NOT SET BELTS" but come to find out Jason had more then one glass to drink he blew a 1.5 i guess that's bad my aunt said.

**Names have been change


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