Saddened Forever :( The pain just wont go away

by MRS.S

My son was 21 years old,He was in for Thanksgiving weekend from Miami University. where he was studying to be a doctor .A Pre med student all he ever wanted to do was help others. He had a dream, He was to graduate in 6 months from his death, he went out to say goodbye to all his childhood friends, as he had a flight to catch that morning, they were traveling on Conklin ave in Farmingdale NY on Nov 30th of 08 on his way home from Applebees on rt 110 in Farmingdale where they went to have a farewell dinner. when a repeat drunk driver over the alcohol limit struck my car. He drove head on and killed my son. In the car were three other friends one who was badly hurt and needed emergency heart surgery from a torn aorta and broken hip fingers, elbow and trauma to his head. still not able to walk due to this horrible inexcusable crash and loss of feelings in his legs, the other two boys had jumped out of the car, when they saw the smoke. They were treated at the emergency room and released all 21 years old ,while waiting at the hospital for almost two hours we had no idea where my son was they just wouldnt tell us in fact, one of the EMTs was on the scene and he told us he was checking to see where my son was when in fact he already new, This has been the most heart wrenching pain, from the time we got the call from his friends mom that the boys were in a crash .i am begging for help and support to convict this killer!!! who had no reguard for his own life or yours. While Driving over 80 mph head on into my sons body and ending his young life he has put my family in horrific pain and an endless journey to live with, he was my only son whom i lived for. He was so loved and so smart and caring, he just didnt deserve to die, because someone decided to get wasted and drive his SUV, cross a double yellow line right into my sons car. He also had his car registered under another Persons name and refusing a blood alcohol test, and while on probation from 06. As for my son he did nothing wrong he just wanted to say goodbye to his friends,that night. before he left to go back to school all this has affected our family, his two sisters and our community,just because of someones stupidity. RIP my beautiful boy someday maybe the laws will be more strict, but till then we will never be safe on our roads. and i will have to live without my son . He just didnt deserve to die. Because you got Drunk! and drove your car!

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May 09, 2010
If it helps
by: Anonymous

I watched this video of a true story where by special request the victims family asked the juge to sentence the drunk driving MURDERER to write a one dollar check to the mother and father of the victim every friday for 17 years (varying on the age of the victim) not for the money but so that every friday for 17 years that murderer has to remember the inoocent life he took and why hes a scumbag!

Nov 21, 2009
you can use the story if it will help!
by: Leslie

Sydney, you can share my story for sure! Good luck I pray you can change things! My parents names were John and Lisa Sheskey, killed december 7, 1986 drinking and driving and they were hit by a train trying to beat it.

Nov 08, 2009
with your permission
by: Anonymous

MRS.S and Leslie,
I am so sorry for your losses. A friend of mine was killed by a repeat drunk driver as well. I am writing a speech to pass a law in my state for drivers with DUI's to have Breathylizer Ignition Locks in their cars. I would like to use your stories, if you give me permission. It would also help if I could have your loved ones names.
Sydney, a high school student

Mar 16, 2009
May he rest in peace
by: Leslie

That is so horrible what happened! I agree with you that laws need to be more strict, My parents died in a drunk driving accident when they were 20 and 21. I was only 6 weeks old! If there is anything I can do please post it on here. Like if you have some sort of petition against him to lock him up for a long time, or if you decide to try and make a law so the laws on drinking and driving are more strict, I will help you. I could not imagine losing one of my children, that has to be the worst pain in the world. Especially knowing he was a good person with a good heart, and he wanted to help people. We need people like him in this world, and it tears me up knowing we lose people like him because of other ignorance! God bless you and your family and his friends and their families, I will keep you all in my prayers!

Mar 15, 2009
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I can understand your pain to well, my Fiancée Carol Cooper was killed by a drunk driver while she was walking in a store, it shows you cant be safe from them anywhere. Try and be strong even though the pain feels unbearable at times and remember your son will all ways be with you.

Tony Manolatos

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