Sandra Kilde Beulah ND DEAD December 31, 2009

by Teresa M Carrigan
(Bismarck, ND)

My mom and her grandbaby Natalee the summer before she was killed

My mom and her grandbaby Natalee the summer before she was killed

My mom and her grandbaby Natalee the summer before she was killed
Mom and my son..
my brother at the grave

It was my mother’s 67th birthday. It would be the first one she would celebrate without her husband of 45 years who has suddenly passed away in January of 2009 from a blood clot after back surgery. She was a trooper that day, and smiled and thanked all of us kids for wishing her a happy birthday. She spent the early part of the evening at my sister’s house having a birthday supper. At approximately 6:00 MST she left my sister’s house to go 10 miles to a neighboring town to pick up her grandchildren at my other sisters to take them to the new Chipmunks movie...she never made it. My 10-year-old nephew sat by the picture window of their home for 3 hours that night, waiting and watching for his Grammy to show up. A drunk driver killed my mother on her 630 in the evening. Going 100 mph down the wrong side of the road. My mother came around a corner and had no chance to take a corrective action. The drunk driver died too and left behind a 9-year-old son. We are a family of seven adult children are still trying to make sense of this tragedy and get on with our lives. She left behind two sisters, one brother, 13 grandchildren and a beloved dog named pugsley. I miss you every day mom.

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Nov 10, 2011
Dear Lavonna
by: Teresa

No Lavanna...I was not addressign you my friend in loss. I was talking about whomever posted that rant about not going to heaven and such. You posted a kind an thoughtful response...I apologize you thought my post wa directed at you. Never.

Nov 09, 2011
by: Lavonna

I dont remember addressing you unless you are the one who left the below comment. There was only one comment on here at the time and it was made anoyomous, so unless it was you, you don't need to be so angry. I too have dealt with death due to DUI but to hold so much anger and hate in my heart would only make me bitter. I try to do the best I can at forgiveness.

Nov 08, 2011
No m
by: Teresa carrigN

Ok.....I am not the one who posted this nonsense about not going to heaven. Please seek therapy for your agony. As for the other need not make judgements...especially since whoever posted the comment is suffering. I ask that any more comments like these go to another venue.... My mother rests in peace...and this post was to remind people of the pIn and loss that follows the decision to drive drunk. Please DO NOT leave irrelevant rants

Oct 27, 2011
If you don't forgive
by: Lavonna

then you are no better off than they are. Jesus tells us that if we don't forgive man of their sins then his father won't forgive them. It really isn't much of a life to live with so much bitterness and hate in your heart. I pray you find peace one day.

Oct 23, 2011
Drunk Drivers
by: Fact Source

Drunkards do not enter the kingdom of Heaven. That is an absolute Biblical certainty.

Drunk drivers who are killed - including those who kill others with their selfish, stupid, ill-thought actions - are at this moment and forever, citizens of Hell. The temperature they endure as their skin is cooked on their bones and flayed over and over again by Satan's minions gives me great joy, as does the constant sorrow they must feel between their screams due to knowing they will NEVER escape the inconceivable torment they have brought upon themselves.

I hope they are barely able to endure the pain they most definitely suffer every second of every day and night for the rest of eternity. They've earned it.

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