Sandra Schimmell, September 25, 1979. Flushing, New York

On this anniversary of a fourteen year old girl whose parents never saw her past her first couple of weeks of high school, I, who was a friend, would like to post the story of how this girl's life was cut short. '

I write this now as the mother of a fourteen year-old who just started high school.

It was the middle of the afternoon, when standing on a street corner with her friend, she waited to crosss the street. A livery taxi jumped the curb, struck her and dragged her 100 feet; stopping only when he hit the wall of a commercial building. He tried to run from the accident. He was here illegally and was unlicensed. He was very drunk. Sandra died in the hospital. His case was not prosecuted from what I was told. He was deported.

Both of her parents died prematurely. I know nothing of what became of her sister.

Sandra was neither a passenger, nor driver of a car. She never came home from school.

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