Sheri, Texas, 1970s

by Laura T. Brooks
(Dayton, OH, USA)

Sheri was my best friend in kindergarten in 1955 in Liberty, Missouri. She was so cute, and we had the best time together. Although, she was a year younger than I was we were always photographed together in pictures. My last name was Tyson and her name was the alphabet letter before mine. She had the cutest clothes. Her mother hand-made all of her clothes. She had a little petite face with freckles. Her father was an airline pilot. In 1956 or 1957, he was transferred to Dallas, Texas. Sheri was allowed to stay overnight with me on the last night. The next day, we cried and hugged. I cupped her little face in my hands. That was the last time I saw her. We kept in touch via letters. I married in 1973 and moved to Oklahoma. Sheri was still in Texas. I got a letter from her, and I called her. Where she was living was actually driveable to where I lived. So we talked about seeing one another. I remember her laugh. When I went to visit my folks in Missouri, my mother came down to the basement and told me that Sheri's mom had just called. Sheri was hit by a drunk driver on her way home from work. Sheri was dead.

I can't remember her last name, although, I think it was something like Swiegert, Swigart, Swigert which was her maiden name...She was married..and I can't remember her married name either. After 40 years, I can't remember. And I remember on the phone when we spoke, I told her that I was surprised that her name was Cheryl. Or something like that. She said that I could call her Sheri. That she had always gone by that.

If anyone knows about this, please let me know. I wish I had kept that black and white picture of us together in kindergarten. But, it's gone.

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