stephanie a hall charleston sc Feb 3 1999

by travis c hall jr
(every where now)

When I was 13 my mother went out to get us food and didn't come back for a while I was hungry I remember the feeling as if it was yesterday. Waiting and waiting I'm the only 1 awake then the phone rings and my whole life went into a spiral she didn't die she got amnesia so bad she was a baby again my dad started smoking Crack my sister ran away I was there alone taking care of my mother my dad had the look of nothing I stopped going to school I didn't talk to anyone for a while then I was forced to go back to school I was already the fat poor kid. I had no hope. I still question myself till today what would be worse for her to have died or what really happen and another thing they got no money or anything from it he had no insurance so here I am now still lost 30 I have nothing I've had drug problems my whole life but that's my fault but really does anybody give a shit. I have a shity life so u can have a goodlife. You got to have fat people to have skinny people. And please no 1 come at me with that God shit I have tried every night for three years then I was miserable everyday. Many nights I think about going to find him but I'm not sure what IL do. This is a kid that would have killed his self if I didn't have to take care of my mom

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