Steven Brent Zeigler, Melbourne, Kentucky, Agust 28th 2011

by Dustin Sendelbach
(Melbourne, Kentucky, United States)

My Story is about my brother Steven Brent Zeigler, AKA ZIGGY.

Zig was a Great father, and a great friend. He was walking home from work on August 28th 2011, When a drunk driver named joshua moyer ran off the road and hit ziggy from behind and drug him 100 feet and then flung him off in a ditch. Then ziggy laid in the ditch for four hours with two broken arms and two broken legs and a ruptored spline and liver with slow internal bleeding, which led to a slow miserable lonely death. He layed in that ditch for four hours before his body gave out on him and he passed. The next day his wife went looking for him cause he didnt make it home yet. She found zig and ten minutes after she left the house. She found ziggy lying in a ditch with his lunch cooler busted and scattered all over the road. She was then arrested by the police cause they had suspected her of hitting him, When really it was joshua moyer who just went home after it happened and went to bed as if he did nothing wrong. Their was a trail of radiater fluid from his radiater that led the police all the way to his house. His reply to the cops was "I thought I hit a deer". He is currently incarserated at the campbell county Detention Center, He is awaiting trial and is only facing five to ten years for what he did. Our family feels like our justice system isnt taking this serious enough, and now we lost a loved one due to DRUNK DRIVING...Now Stevens one year old son will never get to see his daddy again and its heart breaking. Steven was hit and killed a week before his sons first birthday, and he will never get to see his son walk again. Maybe one day people will learn, Drinking and driving doesnt just hurt yourself, It hurts familys to and it is DEADLY and so irresponsible.
R.I.P. STEVEN BRENT ZEIGLER A.K.A(ZIGGY) We love you brother and we will always be thinking of you.

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Oct 13, 2014
by: TABATHA (girlfriend)

his name wasn't on the birth cert because he was out of town working when steven was born steven was 4 months old when he came home and 11 months old when he died we didn't get the paper sent in before he passed THATS WHY but no worrys cunt bags the DNA results are in so I can now have a judge put him on it so fuck you he fucking HATED TERRA WITH A PASSION and everyone that knows him knows that atleast everyone he still spoke to ask his best friend or his mom he couldn't stand her so kiss my frauding ass bitch

Sep 04, 2014
by: Bailey

How can you get on here and talk trash about something so tragic? And then be so chicken shit about it by not putting your name out there? If you are so self righteous then own it, coward!
My condolences go out to this man's family.

May 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

actuallllllly lol. ziggy hated tara lol....just saying he hated her with a passion! he could stand her and he regreted marrying her i mean should prob get yours straight lol

May 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

actuallllllly lol. ziggy hated tara lol....just saying he hated her with a passion! he could stand her and he regreted marrying her i mean should prob get yours straight lol

Feb 20, 2014
mr.zigles girl friend
by: Anonymous

I know Mr. Ziglers wife Terra and her 3 children and they loved Zig very much they where married about 18 years and he was still married to Terra Zigler up to the day he was killed no they where not togather but he still love his wife and kids very much so people need to get their facts stright be for they speak

Oct 19, 2012
the girlfriend
by: Tabatha

this is so uncalled for it was a very sad and tragic event and for someone to be on here trash talking our family and an innocent 2 yr old lil boy who cant defend him self is so wrong ur not much of a woman to do that and give all woman a bad name u should be ashamed of urself and by the way it is his son u should have the dna results by now leave my family alone we have lost enough

Aug 11, 2012
backk up

you aint gonna talk about my family like that! my sisters pictures are not sluttty if you have a problem take it up with her or our family, can u not let this go? she isnt doing anything !

Jul 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Fact. His name isnt on the birth cert so she could fraud the system and collect money by not showing his income. She will go to jail for it. Its in the works. And yes her fb pics are slutty.

Dec 06, 2011
For all you haters
by: Anonymous

excuse me hunny, but quit running your mouth! steven did have a one year old son and his name is on the birth certificate. get a life and quit running it. ziggy was my brother in law and i know for a fact he had TWO kids not just one. maybe you should get a life and stop calling my sister a tramp when clearly, shes not. they were together for 3 or so years. and THEY were ENGAGED! they was getting married next year. so back off my family now. !!

Dec 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Quit lying about that being his kid and her being his wife. Do I hear fraud in what they were doing? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

He did not have a one year old son officially did he? Check the birth certificate.

Nov 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

For one thing his wife did not go looking for him. He was not married to the tramp.

Nov 05, 2011
Oh my.
by: Suzanne Simons

I am so sorry for your loss. I know it means nothing, because sorry doesn't bring them back, but wow. This is a sad story. It's unfortunate that something totally avoidable, can take so many lives. I have a contribution that's pending on here. I find your writings striking, because my Grandma and Great Grandma were killed on the exact same day, by a drunk driver.

Oct 22, 2011
I am sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous


I am sorry for your loss. It is the worst feeling in the world knowing a drunk driver killed someone you love when it is an easily preventable crime. I will never say these incidents are accidents, because they aren't, they are murder because a person intentionally gets in their car after drinking. I live in Texas and the state has just recently become a little more strict on drunk drivers. A lady was recently sentenced to 16 years for murdering and seriously maiming another. She was charged with second degree murder. It's hard right now and I hate to say this it only gets harder from here. It is a long road to travel to ease the pain in your heart just a little bit.

I believe if you keep telling his story, you will get the issue across. I know it is a recent wound and it will be hard, but if you can stop just one person through your brother's story, from drinking and driving, you will be saving a life.

I have you and your whole family in my prayers and I hope the drunk driver gets maximum time he deserves it.

It's hard not to share my story with you about the loss of my loved ones, it's easy to just go on with their stories, but it's not about me, its about you and your greif. But you are not alone in this, if you need to vent come to this board and write a message and people will be there for you because most of us here have lost someone to the unforgiveable tragedy.

Oct 21, 2011
by: Suzanne Harrick

Hi Dustin,

I'm so sorry for your loss...I lost my husband to a drunk driver April 16, 2006....The man that killed my husband, would have only served between 2 to 5 years at the most..The judicial system In Connecticut says the max is 10...NOBODY ever gets 10..and the guy that killed my husband FLED the he did NO TIME...but, I have to believe he will have to answer to a higher power one day.....We the family's are forever changed because of someone's careless, selfish act...and we have no justice are loved one's that were killed, you mean to tell me, there lives where only worth 2 to 10 years because they were not killed by a gun or a knife, well if you ask me, a car is a deadly weapon....When will the law recognize this as MURDER....If you get into a car after drinking all night, and you kill someone, I'm sorry in my opinion it's murder...I'm so sorry to blow off steam here, but, I think you understand my anger....Once again, I'm so sorry for your family and friends and most of all your brother....I wonder if the man that killed your brother has any remorse seeing he doesn't even REMEMBER hitting him....what a shame....I'm so sorry...Keep telling your story, maybe one day, we can get laws changed so that the survivors can at least have some closure, or peace in our hearts, justice was served....

Oct 20, 2011
So sorry for your loss!!
by: Monique Williams

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so senseless and tragic. It is also something that is avoidable but people are to selfish, stupid and reckless to not drink and drive. My brother was alos killed by a drunk driver 08/20/09. She was a 2 time offender, luckliy she died in the crash, my brother was only 34 and had 3 young kids, a loving family and many friends. I do agree thr justice system isn't always just, as in these kind of cases, it will take people like us to change that hopefully someday. take care of yourself and family

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