Stop The Madness!

The COLD, HARD, SOBERING FACTS about alcohol and drunk driving in the United States:

  • Fact: A total of 32,367 total traffic fatalities were recorded in the US in 2011. Of those, an estimated 9,878 (over 38%) were drunk drivers (Blood Alcohol Concentration above .08).
  • Fact: On average, someone is killed by a drunk driver in the US every 53 minutes.

See the DEATH CLOCK to see how many have died so far this year.

The effects of alcohol and intoxicated driving are far-reaching. Its effects go way beyond the number of killed and injured. We are all equally at risk.


How close does death or injury have to come to you or your family at the hands of a drunk driver, before you will do something active, not passive? Get involved now! THE LIFE YOU SAVE COULD BE YOUR OWN OR THAT OF A LOVED ONE.

Our governments, federal, state and local have declared WAR on drunken driving, yet the problem remains.

We have gotten MADD, SADD, BADD and more, and still the madness continues.

Click here to see the Drunk Driving Memorial