tamara nichole simpson san antonio tx may10,2008

by callie simpson
(san antonio,tx U.S.)

my daughter,tamara,was discharged from the Navy. She had been deployed overseas from Brunswick, me, where she was stationed. During her deployment I went from texas to maine to care for her house and animals. When she returned she was so excited to be going home to san antonio,tx. she did not like the cold. once we arrived "home" we shared an apartment until we could find a job. we both ended up working at the same place in boerne,tx and carpooled together every day except friday's. May 10,2008,the day before mothers day she was on her way home around 1 am because she worked the night shift. about 10 miles from home a vehicle traveling 100mph sending her vehicle across the interstate, down a 20 foot embankment rolling across the frontage road and coming to a stop at a fast food place. She was DOA when they got her to the hospital. The person that hit her got out of his vehicle and ran away and was later caught by police and was found to be twice the legal limit. It took 4 years for the case to go to trial by jury. It took a jury of 9 women and3 men less than 2 hours to reach a verdict. Ten years probation. Had it been any other niight I would have been in the car with her and most likely would not have survived. She was my first born and is survived by her younger brother,Daniel, who has not been able to accept the tragic death of his big sister. It's been four and a half years since that night and the depression and questions you want answers to and thinking I could have saved her if I had been in the car like every night. Except on friday's. I have dreams that my son will have an accident. Every Mothers Day is a day of sadness but we spend alot of time telling stories of funny things she would say and do. I've been told it usually takes 5 years to accept what happened but it is going to take alot longer for the hole in my heart. I have to live with all the memories because that is all I have left. Tamara was a giving person but the killer hit her so hard all her organs she wanted to donate exploded inside heryoung body. She was able to donate her corneas. After reading some of the stories from others who have lost a loved one i feel connected in a way. Relatives and friends mean well but,God forbid it should happen to them there are no words to describe all the feelings, madness and hate for the person who changed your life into a living hell. You can't survive it all alone and I thank god I have alot of support from every one I know.My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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Dec 20, 2012
Right Things and Wrong Things NEW
by: callie

Its been almost five years since I lost my daughter. Now here we are another Christmas without her. The man that hit her ended up with 10 years probation and if my calculations are correct, he should be getting released and going back to his family. How wrong that seems to me. Now he is free and probably never crosses his mind. But it crosses mine every day. I miss her and sometimes think of how it would have been if Mr. Castenada just would have done the right thing and not drink and drive.

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