tammy lynn hull nov 4 1996 kingston tn

by william helms
(camden tn )

my sisters were coming home from getting my nieces birthday cake. when they came across the bridge the car in front of them was hit head on by a drunk driver, before my little sister could react the drunk driver hit them head on. i lost my older sister that day. my little sister was hurt very bad she was in a coma for a month. she fought everyday to survive . my sister Tammy left behind 4 beautiful daughters that will never know how truly wonderful their mom was. Everyday i miss Tammy it will be 19 yrs in Nov. i wonder everyday why she was taken from us so sudden. The drunk driver that killed her didn't even spend a night in jail. there is no justice in that we lost our sister,daughter, and mother and he walks free
As she walks among the angels we walk around missing her. She was an angel on earth and now she is our guardian angel. rest in peace my beautiful sister you are loved and missed.

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