Tennessee 3/28/10

One night i was celebrating with a guy friend of mine and we had alot to drink. I dont remember getting to the drunkness state, i felt like i was ok but really was wasted to the point of stumbling. Everyone saw us leaving a club around 3am and of course no one said anything about us drinking and driving because many many of them were drunk as well. We stopped to grab a bit to eat. I did not realize one of the guys in the car had two liquor bottles in the car on the back floor behind the passenger side. I was 23 at the time and the other guys with me were 23 and 21. In tennessee there are flashing red or flashing yellow lights that just flash after 11pm until 6am. I was driving approx 45mph on my way to drop them off, i was eating, listening to music loud, and driving at the same time. I ran through a blinking red light not realizing this, my friend sitting up front said "you know you were suppose to stop at".... We were immediately hit by another drunk driver going way over the speed limit. The entire front of the vehicle was shattered and the entire front of the other vehicle was crumbled, as my vehicle was bigger than theirs. There were three females in the other vehicle and 3 in mine. The other vehicle had also just left the club. If there was just a second of a difference everyone in my car would have died instantly without a doubt. And the same for the other vehicle. I had to crawl out the car and just began to scream because i could not believe this had just happened and it was my fault. I was in college with a good life and in the blink of a eye with one dumb mistake i almost took 6 young peoples lives, all the around the same age as me. I think about this everyday i live on this earth. I read these stories and just think that because of a dumb mistake of wanting to have a good time and get behind the wheel, i almost took someones brother, sister, mother, niece, friend, and ect... I do not drink anymore because of this. I wanted to post this because i will never forgive myself even tho no one was hurt. I am 25 now. Alive and well with scares on my body that will never go away. I am sorry to all family members that have endured the so unfair heartbreak of losing a loved one to someones carlessness. I am sorry for all of those that made the mistake i made and were not so luck. May God be with all of us and protect us and heal our hearts. I hope someone reads this and it changes life because no one has an accident like this and lives to tell about it. Or even not being in jail. God watched over us and that is the only reason we are here. He has a greater purpose for the lives of us here and gone. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!! I will never do this for the rest of my life....

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