the day my life ended

by Kayla Smith
(Sunset House, Alberta)

i was only nine years old, me and my father were driving home from a birthday partie we were talking about how my grandmother just died and how it was "her time" as the conversation continued he said "honey, you know at some point i will pass over and you wont see me again. but i want you to remember i love you and i will always be in your heart. i dont want you to weep over my death, just remember ill be watching over you from up there". (points up to the stars) i said " i know daddy ill always love you and i will always remember you. its okay daddie i know its your time to go. you can go now." i dont know what possessed me to say this but i did and seconds after he grabbed my hand and held on tight.. just as a drunk driver hit our vehicle. my father died on the scene, i survived, unfortunatly. my father was a good man, he was my only family left, i didnot know my mother, i have not gone a day without thinking about him and i will forever remember him and his last words. i used to hate the fact that i survived and he didnt but now, as i am 16 i realize i survived to help educate people on the dangers of drunk drivers, he was a great man and had no reason to die, he never did anything wronge and always helped everyone he could. i love you daddie.

kayla smith <3

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