The death of a King

My brother, well where do I start. He was diagnosed early in his teens as manic depressive bipolar. He would have bouts where the mania would take control and he would sometimes do some very rash actions. He abused me verbally regularly but I still loved him like any brother. Well, Last night August 30th around 7pm Somewhere in Kentucky after taking an unannounced road trip and drinking while driving he was involved in a one car accident. It could have been much worse. But just another young soul that could have gone far, extremely bright and gifted just a little mislead and unwilling to get his illness in check. I love you bro. I always have, always will and you will be in my prayers tonight to forever.
Rest in peace big brother. I love you.

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May 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. There is so much we will never know about mental illness and what it makes a person do. I guess the only comfort, if you can even call it that was that no one else was hurt. Well, i take that back, your family was and i'm sorry for that..i hope you understand what i mean. I pray for you to get passed this and that mental illness awareness and drunk driving awareness gets more attention than it is getting right now. God bless us all .

Sep 01, 2009
Sorry that you lost your brother
by: debra

im so sorry. I lost my boyfriend recently to him drinking and driving. I dont usually pray but i did for you and your brother when i read about it.

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