the night i lost jason a.k.a tear drop

by angel
(sevierville tn usa)

i was in my room when jasons jasons sister called me and said he was in a very bad drunk driving accident i was very sad i known him since i was 2or 3 and he was like a brother to me he died on dec-22-10 i loved him so much and his mom was drunk so she took him and his dad and 2yr sister which she died in the hospital 2 days later when my parents took me to the scene of the crash i was crying so bad when they took jason out of the car i was yelling jason no no no dont leave me and i was running towards him when the ems and the police back me off i was crying so bad i rode in the car on the way to the hospital i made a foward 2 days later bout jason when he leaft when god called him home everyone in the car died but his 2 yr old sister was fighting for her life in the er i saw her there she was coverd in her blood and her brothers i wazs holding her hand and crying cuase i loved her like my own daughter she called me mommy sometimes me and jason were tight friends and we dateing for awile to no i just canit belive he is gone i loved him but noone understands till its to late am i right i just loved jason so much now i cant belive he is gone and we were both 13 and he was so cute and i loved him very much now every time i hear the climb or if i die young or invinable i cry hard and im still upset about it and i loved him very much me and him shared to many moemories when i go down the street i can see him and were ever i go i see him and when i go down the street he died i thorw a flower out the car window and cry i cant go to his funarl i cant see him like that but his aunt wants me to sing the climb invincable and if i die young and say a speach bout him but i might go but then ill drop the necklace he gave me in his had and fold his hand up and cry in tears and leave a tear drop on his face cuase when me and him were little i called him tear drop cuase i could not say his name so i called him teardrop and he called me rainbow kiss i thought it was sweet and before he left and never saw him agin hugged him tight and kissed him for awile and hope i can see him in an hour but his mom had to drink but her husband wanted to drive since he does not drink alcohoal or beer and does not take drugs but no she had to drive and made my heart broke in half :,( i wanted to go with him but then when she wanted to drive i so i got of the car bout to take jason with me but she wanted him to go i kissed him somemore and hugged him tight agin and prayed for him and hope for his safe retun but then robyn called me and was in tears really hard and i loved him so much and me and him were dateing at the time if his dad rove i whould stay in the car and makeout with him in the backseat the whole trip to the store but his mom wanted to drive and cost him to loose his girlfriend and his whole life and his family and friends if his mom survied she whould go to jail for drunk drivng and child abuse and murder but now my heart is broken in half of he suveried i whould stay in the hospital room with him and sleep there and hold his hand praying for hm and thinking bout him and crying but i lost a realy important person to me and when i look at ur pictures i cry and cry thinking of meomories we shared and had fn and hangonout at the skatepark and kissed hugged and we even planned our furture but it was runied going all back to drunkdriving and how its the dumbiest thing u can ever do!!!!!!!!!!!!

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