The pain of a drunk driver

9/21/2004 The day a drunk driver changed my husbands life and the life of my family forever. My husband driving to a doctors appointment on a clear Tuesday morning when a drunk driver did not yield, causing my husband to crash into her because he did not have time to stop. A witness who is also a nurse told that my husbands car did a headstand, so even though he was wearing a seatbelt and the airbags went off his head broke the windshield. This caused a traumatic brain injury and my husband suffers from headaches that never go away. No medication has helped and he falls because he loses his balance. He cannot work and we have lost so much. We sued the drunk driver but her insurance company paid a doctor 60,000 to lie about my husbands diagnosis even though we had the head of the brain injury department at one of the countrys top hospitals who happens to be my husbands doctor, also a top doctor from Mass general testify on our behalf. But the insurance company told so many lies even bringing in a false medical record. We lost the case and have received no money for any medical bills or lost wages. Six years of heartache at times we do not think we can go on. The drunk driver blamed my husband even though she plead guilty to criminal dui, she stated on the stand she was not drinking and driving she would pull over to the side of the road drink and then drive. What is wrong with our society that the victims get vilified and not the drunk driver. Judges rule for the insurance companies and then the lawyers for the insurance companies become judges. We need tougher laws to make it manditory for drunk drivers to go to jail for 1 yr. Drunk drivers are self centered people who only want to have a good time and our court system allows them to keep doing this. How many people have to get killed or hurt because of them!!!!

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