Theres never a day that you are not on my mind

by Leona Headley
(Rogers ARK)

As I stay

on this earth
alive still I
begin to think
about you after
you had left
me on this
lonely boring horrible
world I try
to stay happy
just for you
like you made
me promise I
would be if
you were ever
to die before
I did. I
try to not
think about the
bad thing that
had happened to
you, but even
the times I
am happy I
cant help but
to think of
what that horrible
guy had done
to you. He
took you away
from everyone in
your family and
he also took
my best friend
away from me
for good if
I ever see
him again I
know that I
won't be able
to ever forgive
him for what
he did. I
cant stand you
not here with
me because I
love you so

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