they were his best friends:/

by brittany

this happened to a young man i knew not very well but i knew that i felt bad for what happened to him and this is his story:

"2 days before the accident me and my girlfriend were in a huge fight. We ended up breaking up. I was so upset that i let it happen. My two best friends decided to take me out and cheer me up. Eric and Sam had always been there for me.

So when we headed to the bonfire they told me I was to have a good time and forget about the X. When we got there, there was already drinking going on and a little bit of drugs. I didn't do the drugs. Afer about 5 beers it was getting late so i decided to call it quits. When we were leaving these guys were following us out. So they looked mad. So we hurried to my car. Not knowing I was pretty drunk I hopped in the car and took off.

We were going 80 and the guys who followed us out, were following us at about the same speed. Everything started becoming blurry. Then I saw car lights. I had drifted into the other lane. I swerved back and hit a tree. All I heard from then and the one thing that haunts me till this day is eric screaming, "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT". Eric and I were ejected from the vehicle. I could feel my arm and leg was broken when i regained consciousness. I looked to eric who was a few feet away from me. He wasn't moving but was conscious.

Finally when the ambulance showed up they carefully lifted me onto the bed. I looked at eric and in his last breathe I heard him say, he's waiting i have to go". And he was gone just like that. I asked if sam was okay because he was the only one to wear his seat belt. They said he was dead at the scene. See sam was in the front seat and eric was in back so eric flew over same causing sam to hit his head against dashboard and the seat to paralyze him from the neck down.

I was charged for homicide. I killed both my friends and I don't think i will ever be able to recover from this. How could a night that was supposed to be fun turn into tragedy. "

Matt is now on parole. He must do community service going to schools all over the country telling his story. He cries every time he tells the story of his beloved friends.

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Sep 07, 2010
I know how you feel
by: Leona Headley

I know how you feel i lost my best friend a year ago by a drunk driver his name was Matthew David Long he was only 16 years old though and everytime i tink about him i cry. i loved him so much that we both had plans to do sokmething on his and my 18th birthdays but now he is gone you shoul read my two poems that are on here there about him

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