Time passed and I lost my chance....I can only remember her from when she was little!

Tragic... Young, pretty and talented thats all I think of when I think of my sister. Not deceased, But reality is she has been gone for almost a year this August 9th. Last year she went out with her boyfriend and another couple, she was 18 and at that age we all experment, well so did the guy that was driving the car that they were all in that night. This story is so typical but true. Her uncle died the same age in the 70's before we all were born. He was 18 and on his way home from his graduation. I barely knew my sister last time I saw or spoke to her was when she was 13. Time got away and took her with it! She lived with our dad in Broomfield Colorado and me I live in Riverside County California. Of course the man that was driving that car that night is deceased as well fortunate for him. But not so much for us he was the last to see her smile and laugh. He was the one that caused my family so much pain. The family of the driver lost there child too and I understand but still who can we be angery with if not her and the driver!? She is gone and she chose to be in a car with someone that was drinking! Of course she was too. We all know she had to be...! There is no pain like knowing that you can not turn back time just to know the person they have become. I would give anything for her to be here one last time like most of us that have lost someone close. But ask yourself what keeps you going is there someone else that makes you hold on to this life. Share your story with anyone that is willing to listen, even if its just making you cry more.

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Jun 07, 2009
by: Crissy Fullerton

I am so sorry to hear of the loss within your family. I lost my niece do to a drunk driver and you never let go of the pain you just learn how to live with it. The best you can do is share your story in order to keep the public aware of the dangers of drinking and driving.

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