by Barbara Moffit
(Glen Oaks, New York)


My name is Barbara Moffit, the aunt of Michael Feldman, who was recently in a major auto accident in Farmingdale, the driver of the car, Jason Shein, was a caring loving individual who was a pre med student at University of Miami, and had everything to look forward to a bright and promising career in neurology. My nephew, who was in the front seat of the passenger side was lucky to get out of the car at impact and survived, along with the 2 other friends, one of which is going through intensive medical injuries and trauma. Jason was my nephew's best friend, and Michael still suffers from the loss of him, as does his loving family and friends. Why can't we make these drunken drivers realize they cannot get away with their actions? The punishment is not severe enough, if this guy was not on the streets, a promising pre-med student would be alive and well! How many more deaths and lives must be ruined before something is truly done in the favor of the victims. Please emphasize to the public the very vital need for immediate action and bring these drunken drivers to justice.

Jason Shein, the driver of the car, unfortunately was killed on impact and will be sorely missed by all.

VICTIMS, speak up and be heard, time of of the essence. Thank you.

Barbara Moffit
Glen Oaks, NY


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Jan 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Very Sad story, but to sue the Sheins??? Wrong. Jason's family did no wrong here.

Feb 11, 2010
Facts wrong
by: Anonymous

Eeverything I can find about this accident states that a man by the name of Esquivel Persi is responsible for Jason's death. he was a reapeat DUI offender who struck the vehicle Jason, your nephew and others were in. I even believe Jason's mother has posted a few times on this site. I just can't find anything to show Jason was at fault... just thought I would try and get the facts right,

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