Tyler Patrick Bissett, Humble, TX, 9/24/2016--Underage DWI

by Melissa (MOM)
(Humble, TX)

So hopeful for the future--May 2016

So hopeful for the future--May 2016

So hopeful for the future--May 2016
 4 short months later--Sept. 2016

My only child, Tyler Patrick Bissett killed himself in a single car accident while drunk driving. I realize the hurt and tragedy that the victims of drunk driving feel and I am so sorry for the victims who have been taken through no fault of their own.
The last year has been such a whirlwind of emotions, accomplishments, failures and tragedy. Tyler's son Nathan was born during his senior year. Tyler graduated from high school in May of 2016. We bought him a car for graduation. He achieved something he worked so hard for. I thought a huge reward was in order. He turned 18 in June and immediately moved in with his girlfriend. He thought he was grown and could not wait to be on his own. He was working full time and the world was in his hands. The future held so much hope. The options were endless. 3 months later on September 24th Tyler was gone forever.
The story is:
Tyler was fighting with his girlfriend and went to a party with some other friends. He left the party sometime around midnight and was supposed to be going to pick up some other friends. The friends from the party actually had taken his keys away because he was clearly very drunk but gave them back when he "begged". :( Tyler left the party and stopped by his girlfriends house to talk about things en route to pick up the others. When he arrived at his girlfriends house she was having a party and told him she didn't want to deal with him and sent him away. He left her house and crashed his car several streets over. This all happened around 2am and they did not find Tyler's beaten and mangled body until the next morning around 11am. My BABY layed there all night ALONE. :( He was twice the legal limit drunk, was speeding on a dark, windy country road, was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected during a violent rollover where the car ultimately landed on top of him when it came to rest against a tree. The visual I replay in my head is worse than anything I could verbally describe.
I know there are and will be haters who will say he deserved it because he made bad choices and there will be people who will say I should of taught him better. Tyler paid the ultimate punishment for his decision and you could not possibly shame me or make me feel any worse or question all the what if's any more than I already punish and question myself.
With all that being said... There are issues that should be addressed. Tyler was 18. He was underage and was drinking at a party where adults were serving alcohol and providing a place for many underage kids to drink. So.. some other parent allowed my son to get drunk twice the legal limit drunk at their home and then let him drive away after they watched him stumble to his car??? So, twice that night his friends and the people that claim to love him could have saved him from himself but chose not to? I understand that he was 18 and he made his own choices but friends don't let friends drive drunk and parents should not provide a party for other peoples children. I want Tylers story to be heard because it really is tragic. Soooo much hope and so much life to live and it's all over because of a bad decision. I don't think people get it. I think most parents think it would not be their child. Their child would NEVER drink and drive. I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. All his friends that came to his funeral will miss him but I don't think they actually understand. I will never hold my son again, Nathan will NEVER know the touch or love of his daddy. Tyler will never have the opportunity to live out his dreams and reach his amazing potential. NEVER is a long time. When all his friends have moved on in their lives and Tyler is just an occasional thought or memory.. For us, FOREVER is a long time. Every minute without him in this world is excruciating, sad and lonely.

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