Unborn baby killed by Drunk Driver

by Cindy

Friday, September 25th 2015: A normal work day, I left work at 4pm went home to meet my husband. We left for Quaker Steak to get dinner. At approximately 6:45pm I received a frantic call from my daughter, Mindy, screaming that she was losing her baby. I tried to calm her and asked what she meant. She said that she and Robby had been in a horrible accident, she was bleeding badly. I said I will meet you at the hospital. We jumped into the car and headed to the hospital. I prayed and begged all the way there, please let them be OK and please God, save this baby.

I arrived at the hospital and ran to the desk to inquire if she was there. They immediately put us in a family room. I knew it wasn’t good news. A nurse came in and told us Mindy would survive and she was in x-ray now checking the baby. Robby was in trauma with a severely broken leg, head injury and shoulder pain. Within 20 minutes the nurse returned with the doctor and told me that the baby did not survive the accident. I could see Mindy and she didn’t know about the baby. I went to her bedside, looking into that frightened face, I looked at her and said, Lexi didn’t make it. I have never in my life seen such hurt and brokenness in one face. I tried to console her but couldn’t stop my own tears. She said does Robby know. I said I don’t think so. She said please go to him, I don’t want him alone. So I left my cousins with Mindy, went to Robby. I did not even recognize him and walked right by. I asked where he was and the nurse said that is him. He had on a neck brace and the largest lump I could have imagined on his head. I walked over to him, no response. I think he was in shock and trying to process what had happened. I told him Mindy wanted me to come tell him that she was going to be ok. He looked at me; I said Lexi didn’t make it. A tear ran down his face as I tried once again to console a broken soul. My husband stayed with Robby and I returned to Mindy.

Mindy was moved to 6th floor where they would start giving her meds to thin the cervix. She would have to labor and deliver Lexi as if she were a live birth. It took 24 hours. Robby was released to go to the 6th floor to be with Mindy, under the stipulation he kept his broken leg up, and did not leave the hospital. I stayed 3 days with them in that room. Never even leaving to eat or change clothes. Trying to console broken hearts.

Saturday, September 26th 2015: Lexington Hope Whitmire was delivered by natural child birth by Mindy at approximately 6pm. She wanted to see her and hold her. The hospital said she could take as much time as needed. But that was not to be either. Coroner Tony Segar’s and his partner arrived shortly and said they had to take Lexi for an autopsy. This was to insure justice would be served. If they handled the baby, defense would say they could have injured her by holding her. This once again broke their hearts. Robby struggled with physical pain, as well as emotional pain.
We now will wait months or years to see if justice is ever found. However when I see on the news the small sentences imposed on drunk drivers, my hopes of justice are dashed. But we will keep praying that our case will be the one to break the cycle. That justice will be found.

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