Uncle Matt

by Sydney Rimmer
(Scottsdale, AZ, US)

My Uncle Matt was a victim of drinking and driving. But he was his own victim. This is his story. It was May, 1995. I was living with my mom at my grandparents house, because my parents were separated at the time. My uncle lived with them as well. My uncle and I became increasingly close, or so my mom says. I don't remember much but i do remember him. My most prominent memory is me and him in his room. He had just got home with some takeout. It was spaghetti with sauce, and i never liked the sauce, but I asked him for some because it was his. This is my only memory of him. My dad had just flown in to visit me, since i was just two and a half. It was the 15th and my uncle decided to go out with his buddy, Justin. My mom had never met Justin, neither had my Grandma. So they were a little reluctant to let him go. Bu they couldn't really say no. My uncle was 21, so he had every right to hang with his friends. So they left. They went to Justin's mom's bar, and they drank, excessively. Soon they decided they were tired and Justin asked for a ride home. Matt accepted, even though he was too inebriated to actually drive safely. Justin's mom wasn't paying enough attention to them and let them leave. They drove away just fine. Soon they reached a fork in the road, and Matt never made a turn. They went over a ledge and down an embankment. Justin had his seat belt on, Matt didn't. He hit his head on the roof causing a circle of blood. His car had no airbags so when he hit his chest on the steering wheel, it broke a few ribs, and punctured his lungs. The car finally landed upside down on a concrete park bench. He was thrown half way out of the car and pronounced dead at the scene. I lost my Uncle to drinking and driving. I hope it won't happen to any of you.

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