watching the clock.

by Logan
(Medford OR)

It was a late monday night may of 2011, my dad usually didnt get home tell about 5:30 or 6. so when it became 8:30 we all started to get worried. my mom most of all, she kept calling everyone to see if anyone had heard from him, my dad never liked cell phones, he use to joke about how dumb i looked sitting there texting all the time, although i knew he liked it he just didnt want to admit it. i didnt really think much of it, he was dad i guess i didnt ever think anything bad could ever happen to him. i remember a phone call come in and my mom racing to the phone, hearing her call out my dads name over the phone was heart breaking enough, but hearing the next words come out of her mouth broke my heart, i burst out in tears hearing her ask god why he had taken my father from us, she fell to the floor with the phone in her hands, she broke down in tears. my dad was on his way home, he was making a left hand turn at a green light when a drunk drive blew through the light, he took out my dads car drivers side killing my dad instantly, the driver only 18 years old lived but with injuries, how is it fair that my dad, who worked for everything he got, who would always give anything he could to make everyone else happy, even if it meant giving up things he wanted had to die, and the drunk kid got to live. to this day i cant even look at the clock when its 5:30. i just miss seeing my dad coming through the door to give us hug, and ask us how our day was. he was always there to reassure us that no matter what everything would be okay. now i am starting my first year in college and my sister is a freshmen and we dont have our father anymore.

Please i am asking you Dont drink and drive.

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