Wayne Kenneth Tucker, Bay City, Texas, May 29, 2011

by Stephanie Walker
(Bay City, Texas, United States)

It has almost been two months ago I lost my uncle to a drunk driver. As the days go by I miss him even more. He was a good man and did not have to lose his life because someone wanted to drink and drive. It was a shock to my grandmother which is my uncles sister. We just can't take that he is gone but, his good time memories are still with us all today. If u see the truck u will ask how could he of died with so little damage to the vehicle. If anyone reads this I just want to ask you not to drink and drive. You don't know how much it can do to a family until it happens to yours. I will update with pictures in the days to come. Thank you for not drinking and driving.

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Dec 05, 2011
Thank U NEW
by: Stephanie Walker

Thank u for your great words. My family has come along way since this happen. I hope everyone gets the message of not to drink and drive . Gob Bless You All

Jul 14, 2011
Your Uncle
by: Suzanne

First I'd like to say how sorry I am for your loss...I hope your message as well as all of our messages at least stop ONE person from drinking and driving....The effects it has on the family and friends of the victims is unmeasurable....uncomprenhendable to people that have not experienced it...I understand your loss, my husband was killed by a drunk driver, and I read every single post on this website...I guess I'm trying to say, your story is being read, lets hope people are listening...God Bless...

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