why manuelito we still love you and terribly miss you

by diana
(tucson arizona)

I still cant believe this drunk driver killed him why him.Manuelito was a young boy. His mom,dad,garandma all of his family loved him.Manuelito and his family had came from baptizing hs little sister.Manuelito's friend invited him to go to a racing show with his family so manuelito asked his parents if he can go since he wanted to go really bad his dad let him.Minites pased when his friend and his family came for manuelito.It was getting late manuelito wasnt home.Manuelito's mom caled his grandma if he can babysit manuelito's sister because they where going to go look for manuelito and she said yes i could take care of her.After a few hours passed manuelito's grandma got a phone call from manuelito's mom and she said mom can you come to the hospital manuelito is dead.Manuelito's grandma rushed to the hospital and their manuelito's mom told her mom that a drunk driver crashed with them and killed him when they car crashed.This family hasnt forgotten what has happen to their loved one they still cry for him to wish he was still their with them.Please dont drink and drive you can kill someone like this drunk driver killed one of their loved one he was so young he was only 9 years old and he got killed by a drunk driver!!!

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