william ryan estep

by william ryan estep
(wayne wv)

I?m here today to admit to what I did which was have a couple of beers on my home visit of September 3 ? to October 2,2011 I should have thought about what I was doing before I decided to do it. I should have ask myself is this what I want to do to get my vists taken with my mom. I should have thought to myself knowing that I was getting drug tested why do the thing that put me in here the first place that?s showing everybody I have not improved.

?I gave up hope of ever becoming sober. I decided to drink myself to death. It didn't work. After destroying my kids' lives and losing our home, car and my job, I became temporarily sober for periods of 6 months or so -- never lasting more than a year on the wagon. I gave up. There was no reason left to not drink -- nothing left to lose -- everything was already gone.? This is the dangers of alcohol can led to liver disease That can be one of the minors causes u think it would be serious. But it can be ten times worse. The most common thing can happen is a very serious death in a car accident or loss of a family member.
I could have prevented this by first staying home with my mom or and the other hand say no I?m good this is going to get my vists taken. if I?ve ever in asition like that again I wilstay no or better yet I will stay home with my mom .I need to think how many people just in my family has died by alcoholic use there was just one of my uncles and cousins that died 2 years ago.
And just to think I?m doing the same thing that killed my cuz and uncle what would my mom do if I died. How she would react I know one way she would it would hurt that i did something like that she would have to live without her baby boy she has told me that before when the first time I did got drunk.
This are the most causes that alcoholic, drugs, peer pressure can led to family problems. And the people that u can hurt by using drugs and alcoholic there is so many people that can die so man love ones suffer from either u using or them using. through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1991, I walked through for all the wrong

There are several things that can lead to a person drinking alcohol. Drug use peer pressure and family problems are a few. Alcohol use can cause lots of bad things. You can hurt people life?s including yours not only physically, also emotionally damage. There are so many people has killed their self?s or have has killed someone with them and family members has suffer. Alcohol use can led to live disease it can be very serious. The most common bad thing is people getting seriously hurt or die in a car wreck.

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