Yegwenyes 'Gwen' Martin - Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada - December 3, 2012

by Tanya Martin
(Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada )

Gwen in her Burger Barn work shirt

Gwen in her Burger Barn work shirt

Gwen in her Burger Barn work shirt
Gwen in her chef coat
She could have been a model

My daughter Gwen was 18 years old. She was on a first date. We live in a rural community, where ATVs are commonly used.
Her date picked her up and took her to lunch. He paid, she text me, she was so excited. Someone was actually treating her for a change. They went to his house to meet his best friend Will. I text her to see if she would be home for supper and she said no Mom, it's ok, his mom can take me home.
It was dark outside now, it was 8:00pm, I told Gwen to come home now.
She text me at 8:36pm and said she was coming. That was the last time I heard from my girl.
I heard via Facebook there was a crash which involved an ATV and someone died.
I kept texting her and calling her over and over.
I called 911 twice, I called all the hospitals.
I told my husband to go up the road to see if it was Gwen. I had a bad feeling it was her.
I held onto hope that maybe she just got hurt real bad, maybe she broke a leg or an arm.
When my husband finally came home he couldn't talk. He just locked eyes with me and slowly shook his head 'no' and then he cried.

A drunk driver veered off the road and hit my daughter first. She was the passenger on that ATV. 85 mph without braking, he took out my daughter, her friend who was driving the ATV and his best friend who came along. He was on a motorcycle. He died too.
Three great kids, two died. The coward fled the scene and didn't even check on them.

Gwen was amazing! She was very smart and worked hard at what she loved best, cooking. She worked 60 hrs/week because she loved where she worked. She lived for her family, her sisters and nieces and nephews.
She dreamed of running a restaurant and having a daughter that she would name, Paisley Autumn Rayne.

So many what ifs, only ifs. It's hard to live without her. It's hard not hearing her giggle and seeing her snuggled up in her blanket nest on her bed. It's hard not seeing my granddaughter without auntie Gwen.

Please tell everyone you know, do not drive a vehicle if you drank alcohol, Ever!

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