Yes It Can Happen to You!

by Patti Rawls
(Katy , Texas USA)

Me and My Angel

Me and My Angel

This page was very difficult for me to add, but as Dustin and Tiffany's Mom, I do so want this message to get out to all kids and adults. YES, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! My son was a very smart, young man and was an awesome son and person, but on the early morning of Sept 27, 2007 he made one bad choice that affected his life and all those that love him. The reason I say "CHOICE" is because at 18 Dustin told me "mom you taught me right from wrong and taught me what not to do, using yourself as a bad example. I do understand that, but I am older and make my own choices and has nothing to do with what you did or did not teach me". And as most kids he also thought it would never happen to him. So Please! Please! Let Dustin's life and death make a difference in each and every one of your lives and think before making that BAD CHOICE!
Love to all from Dustin's Mother

Remember: never get into a car with another driver who has been drinking. Call someone for a ride or walk. You are putting yourself at risk along with others. And if anyway possible do not allow one that is drinking start that car!


NO ONE is OUT OF THE REACH of it happening to them! Do you think Dustin knew when he got in that car he would never see another day here on earth! That he would no longer be seen or touched or heard by his family and friends?


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Mar 09, 2009
My son was also the drunk driver
by: Debra DeFrain

Hi Patti:
First let me say my heart goes out to you and your family in the loss of Dustin. We lost our son Loren, (story is posted here "My Son Was The Drunk Driver New Years Eve") on January 4th 2009. He too made bad choices on New Years Eve that cost him his life. We are still in the early phases of our grief, trying to make sense out of a tragedy that makes absolutely no sense at all. Our deepest condolences to you. What I have noticed is that because our son was the drunk driver, people sometimes behave in a manner or make comments that are extremely insensitive. I posted our story here to certainly make people aware that it can happen to them, but also to let people know that the family of a drunk driver that is killed does not grieve any less for their child. God Bless and Keep you and your family.

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