It was about 8:00 on that sunday night i was laying in bed getting ready for my Christmas Fun . Then my grandpa called my mom and dad . And said that my Cousins had been found somewhere on Bluff Road .. I didnt believe him at all thinking this couldnt happen to my Family . And then Tierra’s Mom called saying She was on her way to Methodist Hospital because thats the closest hospital near Bluff so they took her there it was most fastest for Paticents . Everyone was up there . I wasnt going to go i was afraid of seeing her in a hospital . i didnt want to and sure enough i did not go . I stayed with my aunt calling all tierras friends saying PLEASE!! PLEASE!! pray for her . I couldnt live without her in my life and i guess god thought i could so around 10:00 or so . Her mom was talking to the Docters that was looking out for tierra . And well ‘it’ happend i was thinking they arent calling me what happend SHE LIVED ? please oh please say yes . But i guess my luck has ran dry . She passed away . I didnt knoe until I called my mom again and she said , she would tell me when she GOT home. And she did she told me tierra wasnt coming back . I said so they kept her in the Hospital? She said kno . I said she is at home? Not quite . I said oh . She Shes Gone for good? 🙁 She said not for good until God decides we go to see her . I said i wanna see her NOW mom . she said i couldnt so i was going to my room and i was about to die! I was so sad . All the stuff we did was never gonna happen again! <\3 . Im 10 but i miss her and i still have a heart . <3 R.I.P Tierra Rae Pierson . Gone But Never Ever Forgotten .