On October 31, 2010 my best friends and I went to a Halloween party and decided we’d all not drink since I was going to be the designated driver. They felt that we should all have a good SOBER time together, and we did. We were driving home when our car was hit by a drunk, texting, speeding 17 year old child who ran a red light. Instantly, my friend Amutha was killed. The next day, I learned while in the hospital, my best friend Senhit died from her injuries. Although I had a few broken bones and cant walk, one of my friends is in the hospital unconscious. Drunk driving really affects lives, and its unfortunate that people do not understand this and continue to take away innocent lives. My friend and I who survived will never be the same. The drunk driver shattered my life and MANY others. I guess they’ll just never know, and never learn.