I was a normal , healthy 30 year old man when on January ll,2007 in Centerline, MI 48015 ,while sitting at a light I was T-Boned. A retired police officer and former bailiff with 44 years years experience, sped thru a parking lot , catapulted off a rock , went airborne and flattened 3/4 of my 1976 Chrysler Cordoba,trapping me in it… My story is being told because I died 27 months after the crash from the severity of my Closed Head Brain Injuries. I was in ICU-Neurological for 7 weeks,A Closed, Head Injury Facility for 7 months and taken HOME by my Family for l9 months to try and get some recovery out of my Injuries. I suffered a stroke upon impact, was 90 0/0 blinded and had Head Fractures,Neck Fractures, Middle Ear Fractures, Broken Ribs on both sides and a Fractured Collarbone…Doing 7 theraphy’s a day (Music,Pet, Holistic, Essential Oil, Physical, Occupational and Speech) helped me try to get some semblance of my life back but I died on April 18, 2009. And the worst part about the drunk driver hitting me in my vehicle was I was at a red light waiting to turn and I let a lady in a small jeep go ahead of me. He definetly would have flattened her car and killed her upon impact. When they extricated the man out of his vehicle the lowlife wanted to get away immediately because as a Law Enforcement Officer he knew, he was gonna be in big trouble. His blood alcohol level was .19 over 2 time’s the legal limit for Michigan and they needed to get a court order at the scene to get his blood drawn. Luck was on my side, because he hit me within 1/2 mile of the jurisdiction he worked at, My crash was his first critical injury…so I guess you could say I took one for mankind because his neighborhood lived in fear that one day he would kill one of their children. They saw his fellow officers bring him home many a day when he could not even stand up. So in honor of my Life , my time on earth and my eternal Life in Heaven, I have a mother who will never stop talking about my story and let EVERYONE KNOW …Day to Day…WE ALL SIT AT RED LIGHTS !!!! So anyone could be victimized by this senseless crime… As intoxicated as he was at the scene he sure sobered up for a couple seconds to try and get away…the COWARD…no conscience and NO REMORSE…only saddened by the fact he DID GET CAUGHT THIS TIME …and now he is serving a 12 ( unfortunately ) month sentence in prison!