At that time I was 20 years old driving on Rt.144 Harrowgate Road in Chester, Virginia. I was coming from Colonial Heights going North on Rt.144 to Chester when I was hit HEAD ON by a 1991 Ford Ranger.I was driving a 1989 Toyoya King cab pickup truck, when I came upon a truck that ran off the the road on his side of the road and over corrected and ran all the way across the road and hit me. The middle of his grill hit me in my drivers side headlight. I had 3 of the 4 tires off the road on my side. I later found out that they had me on life support while they cut me out. I’m wrighting this here because, I died.My heart stopped beating a total of 3 seperate times between the truck and the hospital in MED FLIGHT. He later addmitted to an officer of drinking 12/14 beers that day while fishing on the river. He was given a wreakless driving ticket,that was later redussed to improper driving. It took the emergancy crew over 45 min. to cut me out of the truck. He hit me so hard the dash board pushed my feet through the floorboard and pinned me in. I suffered a broaken leg in 2 places,a broken jaw in 2 places, and a broken arm, 2 ruptured lungs with a grade 3 Brain Tramma. I was in the deepest coma survivable that the doctors usherd my family in with a chaplin. They didn’t expect me to make it through the night, or even wake. Do to alot of hope,faith,and prayers I awoaken 7 days later. I can honestly say if I had my seat belt on the stearing wheel would have crushed my chest. They had to cut the roof off, had to pri open the door, and use the JAWS OF LIFE on the dash board to get me out. I stayed in The Medical Collage of Virginia Nerological ICU. I have scence sufferd a second Brain Tramma do to HIS STUPIDITY. That Fifth day of July I died, and ever sence that dredful day I wake up as some one else. I’m now unable to work, and have no short term memory. I suffer from Severe Memory loss and Break Through siesures, and almost have to chew all the pills I take to control them. Every day I wake it’s a totally different day. But still a blessing. Alan Gammon