Alcohol and Drunk Driving Information

Feds Baffled by Persistent Drunk Driving Deaths – The Office of the Inspector General wants to know why improvements have slowed.

Drinking and driving is expensive in Iowa – A list of fees a drunk driver can expect in Iowa.

Disagreements over solving the drunk driving problem – We offer a solution of our own.

Alcohol Effects – Shows how alcohol effects a person over time.  Surprising effects!

Alcohol Testing Methods – Over the years alcohol testing has changed.

Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) – Do you know your blood alcohol level? Do you know what influences it?

Drunk Driving Death Clock – A running total of the drunk driving deaths in the US so far this year.

Breath alcohol testing measures the alcohol content of the body – There’s a direct correlation between blood alcohol content and breath alcohol content.

Drinking and Driving – Risks and consequences of driving while intoxicated.

Drinking and Driving Accidents will affect one in three Americans during their lifetimes. – Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes, kill someone approximately every 30 minutes and non-fatally injure someone every two minutes in the US.

The Effects of Alcohol on the body are Enormous – Alcohol affects the brain, liver, stomach, heart…and a lot more.

The Beer and Drunken Driving Connection – Is beer the biggest culprit in drunken driving?

Drunk Driving, Dram Shop Laws and Alcohol Testing with a Breathalyzer – What are dram shop laws and what can be done about them?

Effects of Drinking and Driving in New Mexico – Two million dollars could have been better spent.

Drinking and Driving Facts in the US – When a driver consumes alcohol he impairs a wide range of skills that are necessary for carrying out maneuvers.

Drinking while driving makes a bad situation worseAdd mandatory jail time and permanent vehicle forfeiture to the mix in dealing with drinking drivers.

Breathalyzers – common law enforcement devices that are used to test blood alcohol levels of suspected drunk drivers.  There are several different kinds.

Facts about drinking and driving – Drinking and driving is an equal opportunity killer. It’s not limited to certain socio-economic classes, cultural and ethnic groups or gender.

Teenagers driving drunk – States that impose stricter laws on potential new drivers have lowered their incidence of drunk driving.

Tragedy without a breathalyzer – Proper use of a breathalyzer on the premises would have prevented an accident and saved a concessionaire a lot of money.

Drunk driving penalties – Penalties for drinking and driving are becoming increasingly more strict every year.

DUI convictions insurance – Zero Tolerance laws will make your insurance premiums skyrocket if you’re convicted of DUI.

Court costs for drunk driving – the laws are getting more strict and the fines are increasing, including hefty new surcharges.

More info about drunk driving – could alcohol testers be one solution to the drunk driving problem?

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) – refers to the amount of alcohol that has been released into the bloodstream of a person after he or she drinks.

Breathalyzers – more than just another roadside sobriety test tool for police officers.

Are drunk driving laws too strict? – the millions of victims and their families would say no.

Drunk driving facts – Three out of ten Americans will be involved in alcohol related accidents during their lifetime.

DWI Facts – All 50 states and the District of Columbia have laws which make driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher illegal.

SCRAM – new watchdogs for drunk drivers.

Breathalyzer accuracy – numerous factors can affect the accuracy of these devices.

New license laws thwart underage drinking and driving – States that impose stricter laws on potential new drivers have lowered their incidence of drunk driving among teens.

Dangers of drunk driving – the killing of an innocent victim is by far the worst scenario when considering the dangers of drunk driving.

A vending opportunity like no other – no stocking, no inventory and no vendor’s license required.

Can you drink and drive responsibly? The answer is a resounding: yes!

Driving While Intoxicated: The tragic and criminal choice of a Texas man.

Prevent deadly holiday accidents – Designated drivers are just one option.

When is a Breathalyzer not a Breathalyzer? – When it’s an Alcosensor or Intoxilyzer

DUI Laws that Punish and Help – Therapeutic Justice for DUI Offenders

Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol – It may seem that alcohol will solve your problems or bring lots of fun, but there are actually benefits from abstaining.

How much is too much? – The effects of alcohol on your health.

This might be even more dangerous than drinking and driving – This common activity – especially among young drivers – could be worse than driving drunk.

Is there life after a DUI? – Discusses the long-term consequences of getting arrested for a DUI.

Modern Strategies to Avoid DUIs – Cool new tools for keeping you or a friend from getting into trouble with the men in blue.

Safe Driving Habits for Parents & Teens – Not only may your driving habits slant toward the side of not the safest, you are probably also completely out of date on how much driving laws have evolved since you first passed your driver’s test way back in the day.

Motorcycle Deaths Still a Big Problem – motor vehicle safety has improved significantly over the years, but motorcycle fatalities remain a big problem.

How To Make Sober, Safe and Responsible Teen Drivers – Just because your child has heard “Don’t Drink And Drive” over and over does not mean the message is invalid.

Vehicle Safety Ratings – What they mean and why they’re important.