In America, drunk driving car crashes cause more than 16,000 automobile accident fatalities every year. Nearly one million drivers are arrested annually for driving drunk.

This information illustrates how this serious problem affects everyone who drives at anytime, anywhere. Think about this, between 1997 and 2002, more than two-thirds of child passengers aged 14 and younger who died in alcohol-related crashes were riding with the drinking driver.Many people do not realize when they drive drunk they are taking life of everyone on the road into their shaky hands.Drunk driving crash

You may even ask yourself, what is the actual legal definition of drunk driving? According to the dictionary, it is the act of operating a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol or drugs to the degree that mental and motor skills are impaired.

Now you may be wondering how to determine in real-time if you are safe to drive. Technology has provided a new coin operated breathalyzer which is inexpensive, easy to use and will immediately tell you your options. Do you need to wait a bit to drive, call a taxi or may you proceed? The answer is easy if you ask your alcohol servers at your favorite bar to make this device available for you.

The price of car crashes from drunk driving is high. It can cause terrible accidents, fatalities, criminal records, lawsuits, lost employment, ruined relationships and the list goes on. Society once believed social drinking and driving was acceptable, but that is no longer true. Even limited drinking causes a loss of motor coordination, visual disorientation and just plain poor judgment at the wheel of a vehicle.

Law enforcement officers routinely stop drivers who are behaving erratically on the road. They give breath alcohol tests and field sobriety tests in an effort to prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Medical personnel have to clean up the mess if the police are unsuccessful.

Alcohol awareness programs and abuse prevention organizations, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have grown across the country, special reports are aired on television, student drivers are shown films depicting gruesome deaths which resulted from drunk driving; and yet people still drink and drive.

If you drive a car, you are taking the risk of being involved in an alcohol-related accident. Even if you don’t drink, one or more of the drivers sharing the road with you, might be guilty. Education for your children and yourself on the dangers of alcohol abuse and driving could save your life.

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