Are Drunk Driving Laws Too Strict?

New studies are published almost daily concerning worldwide drunk driving statistics and causes. With so much information available to law enforcement officers and politicians, it is no wonder that drunk driving laws are becoming more strict with each legislative session! The only way to fight these laws is to not drink more than one ounce of liquor per day or to simply not get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if you’ve consumed any alcohol.

If you are caught driving drunk in some states such as Washington or Texas, you could lose your license for a predetermined amount of time, based on your toxicity level at the time of testing or arrest, or you could end up losing it altogether. The people that yield power in this arena are seriously concerned about drunk driving laws and want them to remain strict and even become stricter in the future. Since it is unlikely that Prohibition will ever be re-enacted, it’s something we all have to live with.

Drinking is a serious issue because it damages the body in so many ways and often affects people that do not even drink. Many states now require mandatory jail time for drunk drivers. It’s also become more difficult for repeat offenders to get “work permit” driver licenses as a result of DUI law enforcement practices and new strict drunk driving laws.

You could also lose your right to vote or own a weapon, and many states require that you pass a DUI school release exam before reinstating your lost license. Once you have been arrested for driving drunk, you will probably be required to take some sort of psychological assessment test before being allowed to even retain your license. And of course, your insurance costs will skyrocket.

More courts are awarding higher damages to those injured by drunk drivers, regardless of where they obtained the alcohol, and often include the alcohol provider in the lawsuit.

Many alcohol consumers feel that drunk driving laws are too strict, and try to cite studies that show there has been a reduction in fatalities in order to strengthen their case or minimize the damage they caused. It’s a losing battle though, because law enforcement agencies just don’t see it that way. The statistics show that the strict laws are keeping people safer. It’s not from drinkers being more responsible.

Business owners are at risk too. If your business serves alcohol by the drink you can take the first step in protecting yourself against lawsuits by having a coin-operated alcohol breath analyzer on the premises. Prevention is the best way to avoid potential litigation resulting from drunk drivers and your insurance company may even reduce your premiums.

See the state statistics and decide for yourself if drunk driving laws are too strict.