Alcohol impaired drivers kill many thousands of people in the US each year and thousands more world-wide. Despite a multitude of laws passed and millions of dollars spent on education and law enforcement, the problem stubbornly persists.

We created this memorial to put a face on the problem. It’s one thing to hear statistics about people dying; it’s quite another to see the actual faces of some of the many victims and read their heartfelt stories.

We hope that it will drive the point home to those who might otherwise drink and drive. Scroll down past the form to see what others have shared.

Did You Lose a Loved One in a Drunk Driving Accident?

Let the world know what happened by sharing their story. In the form below, please tell us about your loved one(s) and the alcohol-related accident in which they were victimized.

Here are some brief guidelines for your submission:

Please do…

  • Include their name, age, home city, state and country
  • Include specific details of the crash, including the date, location and what happened
  • Send a picture of your loved one or of the crash scene
  • Format your text so it’s easy to read

Please don’t…

  • Include the drunk driver’s name (liability issues)
  • Include any profanity
  • Use all capital letters (hard to read)