About Us

Alcoholalert.com was founded by Ken Stoll, an entrepreneur dedicated to reducing drunk driving. After seeing the devastating effects of impaired driving firsthand, Ken made it his mission to empower people to make responsible choices about alcohol consumption.

In 1989, Ken invented the coin-operated Alcohol Alert breath alcohol testing machine. These testers could be installed at bars, restaurants, and other locations where alcohol is served.

The Alcohol Alert Mark VII coin-operated breath alcohol tester

He called it “Intervention at the point of consumption.”

For a small fee, patrons could test their blood alcohol content before deciding whether or not to drive. The easy accessibility of these machines made them a popular option for people looking to drink responsibly.

By allowing customers to test themselves discreetly, Ken hoped Alcohol Alert machines would encourage people to think twice before driving while impaired. Within a few years, Alcohol Alert testers had been installed at thousands of establishments across the country.

Sadly, Ken passed away from cancer in 2009. But his legacy lives on through Alcoholalert.com. This site provides resources and information about responsible drinking and driving safety. We remain committed to Ken’s vision of a world with fewer drunk driving incidents and alcohol-related deaths.

Though Ken is no longer with us, his ingenuity and passion for saving lives continues to inspire our work. We hope that by promoting alcohol awareness and responsible habits, we can carry on Ken’s dream of safer roads and healthier lives for all.