Impaired Driving

Although drunk driving deaths have decreased over the last thirty five years, there are still thousands of our fellow citizens killed every year.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is a drug, and like many drugs, it is often abused. Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between alcohol use and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Treatment

Experts say the first step in drug or alcohol treatment is admitting you have a problem. Then the hard work begins.

Drunk Driving Memorial

Putting faces and names to some of the thousands of people who die each year because of the careless people who choose to drink and drive.

Drunk Driving Statistics

Discover the US states with the highest and lowest drunk driving deaths. Where does your state rank?

Teen Drinking

Despite the warnings, it seems that alcohol will always be a lure for our young adults. Discover some answers for our teen alcohol epidemic.


Long used by law enforcement to detect impaired driving, breathalyzers have evolved from desk-sized units to cellphone addons.

Death Counter

You’ll be shocked to see how many people have been killed in drunk driving crashes in the US so far this year.