My husband was a very large size man, well over 6’7″ and had a very big heart for helping anyone in need and animals as well…….He was a truck driver and logged well over a million miles in his career….helped many a driver when they needed tires changed,etc….. I always worried that he would be involved in an accident far away from home, as when my work allowed I would go with him from time to time and see so many car drivers cut truckers off with very little room for them to manevour their big rigs. Never dreaming he would be killed so close to home. His death occurred around 11pm on March 10,2005. He had experienced engine trouble with his truck that day and was delayed by 2 hours until the problem was fixed or he would of been home long before the 21yr old impaired driver met my hubby on the road. From what I was told the 21yr old had been home drinking , had a disagreement with his wife, took her car keys and headed down the road. He hit my husbands car head
on, for the 21 yr old crossed the center line at a high rate of speed. Both died that night, and I was also told neither suffered , but I wonder how we can ever know for sure. My husband had multiple blunt force traumas too numerous to mention and his body had to be cut out of the car. I was supposed to of gone with him that day but due to an allergic reaction to some medication I was not able to be with him. There are times when I wish I could of been there too, but God has his reason’s for my being here. I was blessed to of been able to talk to my husband an hour before he died , he got to hear me tell him one last time I loved him…..