it was late on night,shortly after my father left our family.i was about six maybe even mom,brothers and i where shopping in the town my aunt had lived in and we stopped by to say a fast mother told us three kids to stay in the car she was just running in to say hey and then we would go a young child i did everything i could to get my way.i told my brothers i had to there response was hurry up and come back.i smiled and out the car door i went.i had gone in through the back door and my aunt had seen me a screamed like a pig.i remember her warm skin pressed against mine as she hugged me close.i can still smell the coconut hair shampoo she always used.she begged my mom to let her keep me just for the night and she would bring me back in the morning on her way through to take my uncle rogers girls home and to take her 3 year old daughter cherrie to her mom had agreed and off she had went.we had a camp out in the living room me my aunt lisas soon to be husband roger and his two girls 11 and 12 at the time and Cherrie lisas 3 year the morning my uncle gave me a root beer blare they were his favorite candy.we had taken rogers girls home and now we were on our way to take me home.when we had got to my house my mom was out front and my aunt took me up to her.i begged her to let me ride with her to drop cherrie off at her dads.she said she didnt have time to come back to drop me off.that she would come get me on that coming friday and i could stay the whole weekend.i agreed and went off to play.she had a gave me a kiss and stained a lip print on my head.i wiped it away as usual.she told me she loved me and she would see me soon.the last thing i member was seeing them wave by and drive away.

later that night i was playing with my baby doll in my room when the phone mom started to cry as she hung up the phone.she came in the room and sat next to me on the floor as she tryed to cry out what had aunt had dropped cherrie off at her dads.when they were driving out of the drive way a drunk driver had hit my aunts side.the other car had pushed them 6 yards down and they would have gone father but a light post had got in the way and my aunts car way pined between the pole and the drunk drivers aunt had passed away right away and my uncle roger had passed away during the jaws of life.the drunk drive had not one mark on him.he is still alive today.he was 6 times over the legal limit.he had been driving 125 mph!my family had no chance.this man only got 5 years.and we got 3 little girls with no mom or a was 2 weeks before my aunt and uncle were gonna get married. later to find out not only did that man kill my uncle and aunt..he had also killed the baby growing inside my aunt.she was three months and had not told anyone yet.this would have been there first child together.

at the funeral cherrie walked up to my mom and asked her to wake mommy and daddy up for her cause they weren’t waking up.that man took something we will never get back and is walking free today!i never have forgave him.he took something so special.i never did go pee that night before she passed.and to think about it i wanted to go with them that day.two months later rogers 12 year old had killed her self cause she couldnt take it anymore.i could have lost my life as well,i want them back everyday!its hard to know i was 5 when that happen im now almost 16!RIP aunt lisa and uncle roger and baby rootbeer!i love and miss you so much!
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