Message About Drunk Driving

Would you believe that every thirty minutes someone in the US dies in an alcohol-related car crash? In the last several years, alcohol related traffic accidents have injured millions of people. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism is a growing dilemma and a problem in desperate need of a solution.

When you think about drunk driving, the first thing that might come to mind is someone you know who was injured or killed in an alcohol related accident. It is that big of a problem, that most people know someone seriously affected by drunk driving. Some officials estimate that you have about a 30% chance of being involved in an alcohol-related crash sometime in your life.

Fortunately, the technology that the police use to identify intoxicated drivers is now helping individuals who want to know if they have excessive Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels. This technology gives friends and drinking establishments an opportunity to offer the inebriated drinker options for getting home, other than getting behind the steering wheel of a vehicle.

Breathalyzers, both personal size and the coin-operated models are becoming more prevalent. The personal size breathalyzer (alcohol tester) is about the size of a cell phone and is easily carried in a purse or pants pocket. These new devices give a strong message to drinkers that have a high BAC to make a rational decision about driving.

Make no mistake this technology is about drunk driving. With the amount of people addicted to alcohol and choosing to drive while intoxicated, alcohol testers may be a life-saving opportunity.

High levels of BAC fog the reasoning abilities of drinkers, making them believe they are in control of their motor skills. Unfortunately, this is not correct. Alcohol testing devices take the guesswork away. They give an accurate reading of a person’s BAC. With the actual BAC reading, friends, owners of facility servicing libations have an opportunity to provide options in transportation for the over-indulgent drinker. Remember, it is all about drunk driving.