Friday evening, my son and four of his friends were coming home from a birthday party. Josh called me and asked if he could spend the night with his friend (they were attached at the hip). Of course, I said it would be fine. I told him I loved him for the last time. The girl that owned the vehicle, and was driving, had been drinking (BAC .29). She lost control of her vehicle and flipped the car three times until it landed into a field. The road was somewhat deserted, so they were not found until the following morning. The police contacted my husband. My husband came to me and told me that Josh had been in an accident. I told my husband, let’s go; what hosptial is he in. Then, his words will forever haunt me, “I’m so sorry, he didnt make it.” I only remember screeming and crying. Later, we found out that none of the passengers had been drinking, just the driver. It is a senseless loss. Both the driver and my precious son were killed at the site. I will always question, why did they (the passengers) allow her to drive; why didnt she give her keys to someone; why didnt my son call me and ask for me to pick him up. I will always mourn the loss of my son. Please, dont drink and drive. Please warn your kids of the risks associated with riding with someone has been drinking.