Breath Alcohol Tests – Several Types

In the marketplace today there are numerous digital and portable high quality alcohol test(s), alcohol breath tests and/or alcohol breathalyzer test(s), growing in accessibility and availability due in part to the rapid expansion of a diagnostic test kit frenzy in recent years.

They can be used for private, self-control use and professional (medical/legal/law enforcement) purposes. Handheld, portable and even disposable units are available.

Alcohol analyzers and breath tests are increasingly commonplace and not only to be found exclusively in law-enforcement and treatment centers and/or the medical community anymore.

Some alcohol tests like the CA2000 breathalyzer test is an unique and highly-sophisticated alcohol breathalyzer test utilizing the variation of electrical property value of the oxide-semiconductor when the alcohol substance is detected.

And, with the development of new ceramic material combined with relevant catalyst, it can selectively analyze the alcohol concentration to the ppm unit existing in the human breath in effect measuring it accurately.

Other alcohol tests include saliva-based test like Alcoscreen and breath alcohol tests like Breathscan.

Airman blows into Breathalyzer

Airman blows into a Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is simply a machine operated by a qualified police officer in most cases that is intended to measure, scientifically, the precise blood alcohol content, or BAC, that is contained in an individual’s blood. Breathalyzers are very often used in connection with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated charges.

There are also alcohol test strips, commonly revered to as the saliva alcohol test and can be used for detection the presence of alcohol in saliva and provides semi quantitative approximation of BAC or blood alcohol concentration.

The saliva alcohol test is recommended for professional use in the evaluation of intoxication, including applications in health care, corrections, and alcoholism management. This test detects an alcohol level of 0.02% or higher.

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