Breathalyzers Test Your Breath for BAC Level

Breathalyzers are common law enforcement devices that are used to test blood alcohol levels of suspected drunk drivers. Basically, it is illegal to drive if your breath registers over a .08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. If you’re under 21, that threshold is .02%.

The devices typically consist of a plastic tube (or straw) that you exhale into and a gauge that calculates the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream via a lung air sample.

There are many types of breathalyzers in use today. There are pocket units available, which are portable hand-held devices that give digital readouts, and powder-based units that utilize a color chart to determine alcohol levels.

No matter which type of device is used, if the police use it on you and if it is determined that you are drunk, you’ll be heading to a nice, cozy jail cell.

Breathalyzers can be a great tool to empower those that drink by helping them stay off the road until their blood alcohol level has diminished. The penalties are getting stiffer every year for drunk driving offenses and the legal fees are going through the roof. You need to be able to determine if you or your loved ones are drunk, if only to protect them from themselves!

It’s much easier to prevent drunk driving than to pick up the pieces of your life after a conviction. Many people don’t even realize that personal breathalyzers are easy to obtain and are fairly inexpensive.

You can purchase your own breathalyzer as a safety device, personal entertainment, to test your kids, or as a professional tool! The next time you are out at dinner, a party, or at a bar, you can take the guessing and worrying out of driving and test yourself.