Is there anyone that does not know the dangers of drunk driving? We know about drunks causing wrecks. We know about alcohol related traffic accidents resulting in death, crippling injuries and property loss.

What we know less about is the drunk driver who receives extended jail and prison time for their actions. We know little about the lingering effect on the driver that kills because he or she chose to drive home from the bar after having “one too many.” How does he or she cope with the guilt of killing or seriously injuring someone?

The killing of an innocent victim is by far the worst scenario when considering the dangers of drunk driving. Driving while intoxicated is a continuing problem in the United States and is prompting states to enact more restrictions and increasingly harsh penalties for drivers whose Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is .08 and above.

It’s understandable. With over 17,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands injured each year for at least two decades in the US , the time is long overdue take extreme action. We must address the dangers of drunk driving and find a way to stop the unending dilemma.

State legislatures and courts are becoming ardent in holding drunk drivers accountable for the injuries they do to innocent victims. Even first offenders are receiving stiff fines and in many cases jail time. Judges are now under mandate by state laws to impose maximum penalties for repeat offenders.

Why is this happening? Simple. Drunk driving kills. The courts have to do something to address the problem.

It is not a small problem and much of it stems from our overuse of alcohol. Studies indicate that at least eighteen million Americans are alcohol abusers or alcoholics. There is a trend in our colleges called “binge drinking” which is causing deaths even before the drinker gets behind the steering wheel of a car.

Binge drinkers chug-a-lug alcohol in such large quantities that it can cause their hearts to stop. Binge drinkers reach dangerous levels of BAC quickly while losing their sense of judgment and reasoning to a point that precludes them from driving safely.