You just got a promotion at work and your buddies want to buy you a drink to celebrate at the local bar. Can you drink and drive responsibly? The answer is a resounding: yes! With coin-operated alcohol testers available to the general public, you can protect yourself and others from traffic accidents and possible arrest by testing your intoxication level yourself. But, be aware that it’s only a guide and it’s ultimately up to you to decide if you’re too intoxicated to get behind the wheel.

Remember that alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream without digestion and can cause the deterioration of vision by making it blurry and lessening depth perception capabilities; dizziness and staggering; memory loss which can include forgetting road rules and your sense of direction; and of course, long-term disease like cirrhosis of the liver, or even pancreatic cancer. Drinking is a personal decision and should be a serious health consideration, especially for long-term consumers.

That’s not to say that you cannot ever drink…many people have a glass of wine with their dinner and then visit a friend or go to a movie without ever experiencing intoxication. You just need to be aware of your own limits to keep everyone out of trouble. If you know that your teens are drinking, whether they admit it or not, you might want to do spot-testing just to keep them honest. It’s normal for kids to experiment with alcohol, but you don’t want them to endanger themselves or others when they have more than just one beer or cocktail.

If you go to a bar for a drink or two with friends, you probably feel comfortable trying to drink and drive…just remember, everyone has a different tolerance level and yours may be lower than you think it is.

Many establishments that serve alcohol now employ coin-operated alcohol breath analyzers for their patron’s use. If you see one as you’re leaving the place, use it! Our alcohol analyzers are easy to spot since they light up like a slot machine. See a simulation of an actual Alcohol Alert machine here.

For people that want to drink and drive, there are dire consequences other than for their health. Law enforcement officials and legislators are constantly raising the penalties for drunk drivers that are caught.

If you want to drink, you can avoid the many associated pitfalls by taking care of yourself, limiting your alcohol consumption, and by making responsible decisions. If you want to drink and drive and risk your driving record and job, that’s up to you, just don’t risk other people’s lives too.

See the consequences for those who choose to drink and drive