Drunk Driving: Is There Life After DUI?

Drive drunk? You’re taking a huge chance for your life to turn upside down — for the worse. Being arrested for a DUI is devastating and a slew of problems continue to follow. DUI convictions can lead to jail time, damage family relationships and make finding stable employment nearly impossible.

Driving After DUI

After a DUI arrest, a judge can suspend the driver’s license during the initial arraignment. In certain situations, DUI suspects can apply for a hardship license. Suspects must prove that it’s impossible to go to work or school or fulfill other obligations without driving because of lacking mass transit options. Many state laws require that a driver arrested for a DUI have their car taken away. In 31 states, police can legally impound a car after a DUI arrest. If you lose or wreck a car, you’ll probably have to shop at local used car dealerships and purchase a replacement vehicle – assuming your driving privileges are eventually restored. This is an unnecessary, hefty financial burden for making the poor choice of driving under the influence.

DUI & Credit

A credit score is a number than can significantly limit your financial freedom. Criminal offenses don’t affect your credit score though. DUI convictions have no direct influence on your credit score, according to Law QA, unless you have unpaid fines or court fees on your record.

Finding a Job

Jail time and fines… Could it get any worse with a DUI conviction? Yes, it can leave a mark on your record that will create lasting problems in many areas of your life. For one, it’s tougher to find stable employment with DUI arrests and convictions. Companies perform background checks before hiring an employee to see if they have any red flags that would make them an unfit employee. Ultimately, DUI convictions can restrict a person’s employment opportunities in a wide range of industries, even if they have reformed their behavior. If you’re asked on a job application or during an interview about a history of felonies or misdemeanors, keep in mind that withholding or distorting this information is against the law in many states.

Rebuilding Relationships

Family life doesn’t go untouched either with a DUI conviction. Emotional stress to spouses, children, parents and siblings can be more challenging to treat than damaged property or an impounded car. With a DUI conviction, you can lose your job and fall into debt because of thousands of dollars spent on fines and legal fees. Also, imagine being the target of a lawsuit. Legal woes can severely, emotionally and financially strain a marriage.

Just as troubling, spouses may resent a partner who cannot support the family financially because of reckless behavior. The parent becomes identified as a poor role model and embarrassment to the family. A DUI can also be a symptom of alcohol abuse, which can ultimately destroy a marriage. Work through this emotionally challenging time by communicating openly and clearly. Express support and establish goals for restoring the family’s health and wellbeing.