More Interesting Resources

Links to websites about alcohol, drunk driving and related information:


Addiction Free Forever Program – A Complete At-home Addiction Recovery Program That Permanently And Naturally Cures An Alcohol Or Drug Addiction.

How To Give Up Alcohol -This Is The Most Comprehensive And Effective Product On The Market For Problem Drinkers.

I Live With An Alcoholic Help For People Impacted By Alcoholism

Finally Tried, Tested And Proven Help For Those Who Live With An Alcoholic. Reveals How To Get Control Of Your Life Again And In The Process, Help The Alcoholic Also.

Alcohol Testing

Breathalyzer and Alcohol Testing Guide – provides information about hand-held professional and consumer breathalyzers for law enforcement, probation, schools and parents.

Car Information – Get Paid To Drive! – Drive A Free New Car Or Get Paid Up To $3200 Every Month To Drive Your Own Car Like You Normally Do

Law and Education

The Drunk Driving Law Center – source of information on drunk driving laws.

Drunk Driving

Driving Under the Influence – Think Quest provides a VCR-style look at drunk driving. You will learn about drunk and drugged driving, why it is a problem, how it works, and what you can do to help stop it.

Just One Night: PBS Online – The online counterpart to a PBS production about drunk driving, this site offers state laws, drunk driving facts, court intervention programs and educational resources.

DUI Pictures – A site created by a Police Seargent that has eye-opening photos of alcohol-related accidents and other information.

DrinkSmart, LLC – committed to enabling people to take responsibility for their actions when they are consuming alcohol.


What’s Driving You? – An interactive, thought-provoking, educational experience for young adults who are concerned about drinking and driving.