Modern Strategies to Avoid DUIs

Officials, app developers and other anti-DUI advocates aren’t afraid to try new things in the fight against drunk driving. New strategies to avoid DUIs have emerged, making it easier for drivers to call cabs, monitor their alcohol intake and avoid trouble. These helpful tools, along with persuasive advertising campaigns, are making significant strides to keep roads and drivers safe. As you’re flipping through your channels, you’ve probably seen a commercial warning against drunk driving.

If you’re planning a night out on the town, technology can be the difference between a good time and a night in jail. Use the tools at your disposal to avoid DUIs and stay safe.


After a night of drinking, tracking down a cab is a hassle. The StearClear app takes care of the details when you need a ride home. Open StearClear and select a pickup time. The app will automatically track your location using your smartphone’s GPS. Drivers will alert you when they arrive and when they drop you off. Tap a button to pay them from your preloaded account. Consider StearClear a step up from your typical cap service. You’ll pay a little more, but the service is worth it. StearClear is free and available in the App Store.


Most drivers don’t go out looking to get drunk and get behind the wheel. If you’re not keeping track, your body can convince you that it’s less impaired than it is. Take out the guess work with DrinkTracker, an app that includes a blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator. dui checkpoint sign

Drinktracker asks you to enter your age, weight, height and target BAC before your start drinking. As the night unfolds, track your drinks, their alcohol level and what time you’re drinking them. Drinktracker will estimate your blood alcohol level and alert you when you reach your target. It’s not as accurate as a Breathalyzer, but you’ll have an idea of where you stand. DrinkTracker costs $1.99 and is available in the App Store.

Taxi Magic

Night owls looking for a more conventional ride home can benefit from an app, too. Taxi Magic is the easiest way to get a cab after your night out. Register your credit card in the app and click “Come Get Me!” when you’re ready to go. This taxi app locates your phone and sends its closest vehicle your way. Collect Magic Credits to earn discounts on your cabs. Taxi Magic is free in the App Store.

Of course, there’s also Uber and Lyft too.

Drive Sober

It’s the age old question: How are we going to decide on a designated driver? Drive Sober, an app developed by the state of Wisconsin, can help solve this dilemma. Drive Sober includes a designated driver selector. Nominees choose a color and a wheel chooses the lucky friend without bias. Don’t leave any doubt who is driving for the evening. Drive Sober also includes a blood alcohol estimator and weather reports. Drive Sober is available for free in Google Play.