More Effects of Alcohol

Are you pregnant? Are you an adolescent? How long have you been consuming alcohol? Do you drive when you drink? Have you ever lost a job due to drinking? Has drinking alcohol damaged your relationship with your children? There are many human variables to think about when you question the effects of alcohol.

The first drinks of alcohol help the drinker feel mildly euphoric, uninhabited, relaxed and playful. More alcohol causes the drinker to become slightly irritable, depressed, and slower to react.

Unfortunately these alcohol effects are not reserved solely for the drinker. Too much alcohol and the effects of drinking alcohol multiply into a drain on the drinker’s life and society’s resources.

Transportation statistics estimate a death, related to drunk driving, every 33 minutes. Law enforcement is stressed responding to crimes and violence caused by drinking alcohol.

In the workplace, employers must compensate for errors and time lost by employees due to the consumption of alcohol. Public health programs are burdened with alcohol inflected medical and mental problems. Schools must contend with teaching the effects of alcohol to students who may already be intoxicated in the classroom.

There is a tremendous amount of information available from the national level to local administration, regarding solutions to the effects of drinking alcohol. Yet this issue continues to defy all regulations and attempts at policy and prevention.

We should become involved and learn how to protect ourselves and our rights. One place to start is with organizations, like MADD, where we can lobby for stronger laws and demand better substance screening.

We can also place responsibility for the detection of breath alcohol levels on business which serve alcohol, by requiring tests before bars release their patrons into the night.

For example, a simple coin-operated breath analyzer installed at every bar would require bar owners to test the effects of the alcohol their bar served, before they allow anyone to drive away under the influence. This simple test would save lives and reduce the strain on society’s resources, while educating people on just how easy it is to stop drinking and driving

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